I Am all about Nourishment and rejuvenation of the nervous system through wholistic and restorative practices

By managing our energy and awareness through restorative practices, we can live an energy rich life. By healing the chronic stress and anxiety that we literally carry in our cells, organs, and tissues, we can actually create a life worth living and wake up each day with kindness towards ourselves.

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“We love to bring Ceremonial Sound Weaving to our local communities in order to create various amazing sound events that uplift the soul, foster community, and heal our hearts.

The Ceremonial Sound Immersion is a full body, vibrational healing, and participatory experience. It weaves together multiple disciplines utilizing the technologies of sound frequencies, organic essential oils, meditation, and a natural deep rest of the psyche.



Imagine a space where projected mandalas are morphing around you, and beautiful lighting abounds as you listen to beautiful dreamy ambient music while being guided through meditations that will leave you feeling rested, nourished, vital, calm, and transformed. The guided meditations are made “on-the-spot” and can contain simple breath awareness, visualizations, energy exercises and more. They all follow a theme of reclaiming your life force, and vitality, living life from a rested nervous system, and finding a place of deep calm in your body. When that is happening, your life choices tend to reflect the grounded and stable spaces that these guided experiences can offer. 

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In the passion I call Original Frequency, I have chosen to focus on the healing power of frequency, vibration, and harmonic resonance that can be found in the world of Sound Healing. I am dedicated to creating and sharing amazing elixirs, tonics, and superfood drinks that are packed with antioxidants, immune boosting properties and help prevent illness. On any given day I am most likely listening to Ambient, meditative, dreamy, and trance music that often has binaural beats or guided meditations to follow along with. I also personally create and share, through public events and online courses, the chance to experience firsthand the power of sound healing, superfood elixirs, and powerful guided meditations.

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Coming into heart coherence

What is the Key to Moving into Collective Heart coherence? This is quite the question and I believe it requires a lifetime to answer and has many different facets that can be explored. We are each unique beings and our Destinies are interwoven together and yet, each...

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Therapeutics benefits of Sound Healing

Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Imagine the Void, it’s profoundly empty and full at the same time. A paradox. Soon, you begin to hear a very, very subtle hum. The hum becomes a song, the song becomes a choir, the choir begins to create light particles, the...

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Sound healing: An ancient Art

Sound healing: What is it all about? "Everything vibrates, we all vibrate at our own frequency. Different sounds can unblock certain vibrational energy where there's congestion." -Phillipe Garnier-Sound healer.   Pure Sound Vibrations go deep into your tissues, cells,...

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