Let’s start at the beginning, shall we? Imagine the Void, it’s profoundly empty and full at the same time. A paradox. Soon, you begin to hear a very, very subtle hum. The hum becomes a song, the song becomes a choir, the choir begins to create light particles, the light particles begin to magnetize towards each other, and then…BANG! Light particles that were once frequencies smash into each other in a choreographed dance of sacred geometry and Matter appears out of “thin air.” Many cultures have creation myths where The World was “sung” into being. YOU are born from this Song, and you will return to the primordial sound of creation. Epic story all around! Now that we have a mutual agreement point that Vibration underlies all creation, we can begin.

 Mitchell Gaynor, M.D. in his book, The Healing Power of Sound, says “ I had come to understand illness as a manifestation of disharmony with the body. Thus, the bowls (tibetan singing bowls), with their distinctive resonant tones, not only permitted me access to the “cosmic symphony”, but also a means by which harmony could be restored within the body on the physiologic as well as psychospiritual level.” 

There is more and more research being done on the many different effects that the power of sound frequencies have upon our well-being and spiritual growth. Sound researchers have discovered that after a period of time listening to certain types of music and sound vibrations, that the parasympathetic nervous system in our bodies gives the “relax” messages to our organs and cells. In turn, this lowers blood pressure, respiration and heart rates which leads to a great reduction of stress and it’s accompanying hormones, like cortisol and epinephrine. These hormones, in excess, lead to degeneration of the body’s vital systems. Sound therapies like Gong baths, Crystal singing bowl therapy, Tibetan singing bowl concerts, toning, and some classical music compositions bring profound states of balance back to the physiology of the body, mind, and soul. The Brain begins to synchronize and drop into the alpha/theta brain wave states, reduced anxiety levels, lower blood pressure, increased immune cell messengers, and a boost in natural opiates. These endorphins are nature’s pain killers in our body. Dr. Raymond Bahr, director of coronary care at St. Agnes Hospital in Baltimore is quoted in The healing power of sound as saying “Without a doubt, music therapy ranks high on the list of modern-say management of critical care patients…it’s relaxing properties enable patients to get well faster by allowing them to accept their condition and treatment without excessive anxiety.” 

Sound therapies can be applied in so many different settings such as, labor rooms and birth scenarios, death and dying experiences, chronic pain management, drug and alcohol rehabilitation protocols, mood disorders, creative and artistic pursuits, spiritual growth, and lucid dreaming states.

Integrating the different types of music, sound therapies, and vibrational tools into your life on a regular basis will lead to deep peace, insights, emotional well being, and healing on many levels. Find ways to join a choir, look up sound healers in your local area, play Mozart often, take up an instrument, get a “sound bath” or a “sonic massage!” Your Vibrational Journey back Home starts…NOW!