“I had the good fortune to attend 2 workshops where Sean was facilitating sound healing, then a private session in my home with my husband. The experience has been amazing each time. For several days after the healing I was aware of the changes it helped with and the areas it cleared energy blockages. The energy of my whole house also shifted from the sound. Sean provides an experience that is genuinely from the heart, he’s professional and really knows his stuff. I look forward to the next yoga workshop where he’s playing. Allison Robbins”

Allison Robbins

Equestrian Healer, Equestrian Healing Service

“I am grateful for your gifts and talents as a healing agent of universal cosmic energies. My heart is gently pulsing with joy and safety. I am remembering the waves of sound surrounding me and tossing me hither and thither then gentle finding a tone of called home.”

Fran Dukeheart

Yoga Teacher

Yin-Ergetics Sound Healing and Yin Yoga Class

“Lisa and Sean meld their gifts seamlessly. Sitting in that energy is so powerful, and comforting for me. I always feel held” -Brenda student of Yin-Ergetics



“Thanks for an AWESOME sound bending time Mr. Gatekeeper!! Wow~Did that stir up stuff in the right direction:) I feel the infinite power within me today! Beautiful words, space holding, and humor! Exactly what I needed. Blessings Brother!”

Johnathan Gabriel

Yoga Teacher

I had little idea of what to expect from having a “sound bath”. I laid down on my yoga mat, heard a verbal introduction and then it began.  Sound became matter- a physical sensation- not just auditory. It came from all directions and eventually blurred the lines between what I perceived of as my physical self and everything else. The progression of the sound experience was well orchestrated and allowed for me to let go and just enjoy. I left from the event feeling refreshed, calm and awed by how transformative sound can be.”

Stephanie Sisson

Author, illustrator

“Thanks again for another amazing journey! Sean’s somatic journeys transports me to another dimension that brings me back into balance and alignment. Each journey is unique, inventive and inviting. He creates an environment in which I have the opportunity to explore my sound body, shed layers and enter my energetic body. I’m always curious to see where I will go. I can’t wait for the next adventure!”

Selena Stirlen

“I want to thank you again so very much for sharing your wonderful energy and sound healing with all of us.  Today, I felt so calmly energized and overall a sense of total peace in body and mind.  My mind was calm with not a lot of thoughts bouncing around.”