I AM Séan Levahn and The blessing that I call Original Frequency was born in warm desert sands in December of 2012  in the Sacred Cauldron of The Integratron. I have been gifted the honour of being able to play in it’s potent fields since I was a teenager during the Global phenomenon of the Harmonic Convergence of 1987. It is a place of Prophecy, Joshua Trees, Milky way magic, Time Bending, Galactic Connection, Magnificent Star gazing, and Harmonic frequency. 



The Vision and Creation of my Dreams is the magical offering of Benevolent Source downloaded into my consciousness as My Gift and Life. It’s vision and promptings have followed me my whole life…waiting for a ripe moment to jump my bones!

In many creation stories from around the world, sound was the seed mantra or Original Wave to bringing forth matter, and all life everywhere. Otherwise known as “Nada Yoga.” In the beginning was the “soundless sound” that only the Heart can hear. Creation burst forth at the utterance, the Silent and Joyful sound of Source. You can hear it if you go deep into the desert and listen with your soul.

Harmony, beauty, vibration, and sound have played a profound role in my own awakening in this life and I seek to give back the gift in gratitude for what has been given freely to me, an awakened consciousness. It is an offering from Source-heart to Self-heart in honour of our mutual connection.The entire universe and multiverse was, and is, continually being created out of harmonic principles. Sound is Vibration, Art, Physics, Mathematics, Sacred Geometry, and Life itself…you just have to Listen!


Original Frequency is…a response to a Deep Calling that the peoples of the Earth have dreamt into being.

It is an offering, of healing with frequencies and vibrations at this crucial juncture of Time that we find ourselves living in, as a blessing for the Earth to assist in her birth into the next step of evolution.





WE need YOU!

The new way of walking together in this co-created world requires our full presence. We will be digging deep in the coming century to birth the next octave of human civilization. We are engaged in this journey for the highest good of the planet and Her precious citizens.
 Our choices are before us. To boldly walk into a way of being that models the innocent heart-centered presence of an awakened human being, and to live our lives from that place. We can  also choose to come home to ourselves and begin to emanate such a field of authentic peace, that all beings are healed in some small measure by our very existence.

• YOU can do this!
• We are not alone in this transition!
• Yes, ALL of you is required!

Shadow Love

One of the other choices is to continue to hide from ourselves and our spiritual sovereignty, to turn a blind eye and allow our inner shadows to remain separate and alone. This tends to create all sorts of knots in our inner and outer worlds that will eventually need to be unwound and reclaimed.

There is nothing like calling home all the denied parts of your life HOME that have been lost and alone, wandering in the desert of our rejection. The massive amounts of creative energy that becomes available to you to CO-CREATE your life with Source Energy is unbelievable and will lead you on the grandest adventures of your imagination!

Let’s Do it!

Imagine….a sacred circle with our heads facing an energy laden array of tibetan bowls, gongs, tingshas, chimes, and crystal singing bowls. Dive deep into your own neurology and consciousness with the help of harmonic waves of sound.

The OCEAN of sound will vibrate loose old stuck energy tangles, unleash healing brain-wave states, and gently smooth out your nervous system. When we are in a place of harmony and unity we all make better choices in our own lives and for the other beings sharing this jewel planet with us as well. ALL are welcome at the table!

astraldoor“To enter into the initiation of sound, of vibration and mindfulness, is to take a giant step toward consciously knowing the soul.”

– Don G. Campbell, The Roar of Silence