cropped-Original-Frequency-Logo.pngOur mission and intent is to invite a collective “raising of the roof” in regards to our global awakening process and our conscious participation in the  unification of all life on earth based in the wholeness of love and a radiant heart.

We have chosen, among the MANY different paths, to focus on Sound, Ceremony, Breath, Movement, and Meditation to achieve a mutually awakened state of harmony among our global family.

We love to bring Ceremonial Sound Healing to our local communities, and we partner with local healers and teachers to create various amazing sound events that uplift the soul, foster community, and heal our hearts.



“To live in a world where each person has the opportunity to share their unique gifts, genius, and light into the world”

Healing begins in our own backyard

We look forward to seeing you there with authenticity, presence, and excitement. Come as you are in the moment…we want to meet YOU!

The Beautiful Central Coast of California: Our Home!