Sound healing: What is it all about?

“Everything vibrates, we all vibrate at our own frequency. Different sounds can unblock certain vibrational energy where there’s congestion.”

-Phillipe Garnier-Sound healer.


My bowls in the Integratron

Pure Sound Vibrations go deep into your tissues, cells, nervous system and skeletal structure. Many different types of sound healing instruments are available to the practitioner and enthusiast. Antique Tibetan Singing bowls, crystal bowls, drums, didgeridoo’s, and gongs to name a few. These sacred healing allies wake you up, yet deeply relax you, by inducing whole brain states, altered consciousness, and a perception of timelessness.

This is the sacred choice point where healing can begin to rise within your body, mind, and spirit. Sound frequencies can help you choose to deeply love yourself, reclaim your shadows, evolve your responses to life, and orient your internal compass to HOME.

Just as there are many paths up the mountain, there are many ways to experience the healing power of sound. 


sound healing ceremony1

  • One-on-one sessions as personal journeys into Deep Intention.                            These kind of sessions generally last 60-90 minutes in length and are integrated with ceremony, energy healing, oracular arts, crystal grid work, and aromatherapy. Blending multiple healing arts into a customized, spontaneous and synergistic session that reflects your current karmic needs!


  • One-on-one sessions into the Craft of Pure Sound.                                                     Indulge in a very unique session that, on one hand, radiates the vibrations of sound right into your core and on the other, holds you in the Pearl of Pure Silence. The dynamic tension that is created between aural sound and aural silence is something to be experienced.


  • Group sessions to foster community and connection.                                               Known as “sound baths”, these are particularly powerful due to the intent of many minds and hearts synchronized together to create a coherent state. Yoga classes, workshops, spiritual film screenings, TED talks, motivational speaking engagements, and private groups are well suited to this type of sound exploration. These kind of sessions can last from 5 minute opening/closing ceremonies, all the way to multiple hours of immersion.

Aftereffects include:

  • Deep relaxation
  • Still Mind
  • Resolution of worries
  • Evolution/transformation of karmic tangles
  • Sudden insights
  • Clearer heart-space
  • Smoother flow of feelings
  • Heightened senses for days
  • Keener intuition 
  • Unexpected waves of gratitude
  • Life changes
  • Deeper relationship to all beings
  • Awakened awareness of energy 
  • Abiding feeling of the sounds going on in your body for hours

The benefits are many, the effects are palpable, and the gifts of sonic journeys in any form just keep coming. This list just grows the more you open yourself to sacred sound and dive deep into your consciousness.