Imagine…you walk into a room filled with candlelight, it’s warm, smells spicy yet sweet. The light flickers all around the room and on the faces of the group gathered for the night’s celebration. The candles illuminate an altar arranged beautifully.


On it are Antique Tibetan and Quartz crystal singing bowls, feathers, rocks, crystals, and other sacred objects. A strange and familiar type of immediacy fills the air…everything seems clear, your mind crisp, taking in everything all around you in one whole moment of clarity. 

Oddly enough, in the same moment, your thoughts and perception of time seem to slow down, stretch out, and settle in for the journey ahead. You feel safe, comforted, enveloped in Presence. The excitement is building inside your solar plexus like a fine champagne. Something is happening here, you feel it….it reminds you of being in a deep forest or like looking up at the milky way blazing in the desert night sky on a new moon night. Collective Intent is imminent….it shimmers inside all of us and you feel…you know you are in a “time-out-of-time.”






What is a “Sound Immersion?”

The Ceremonial Sound Immersion is a full body, vibrational healing, and participatory experience. It weaves together multiple disciplines utilizing the technologies of sacred ceremony, organic essential oils, high vibe teas, raw cacao, embodiment meditations, sound frequencies and natural sacred geometries.


Together, we call forth a mandala of altered consciousness and heart coherence  as a group.

Afterwards, we ground in and often share a cup of tea and integration time.

Thus, many minds and hearts are synchronized together to create a powerful “statement” to the inner and outer worlds of our reality. We literally and metaphorically call forth the world we want to inhabit and move in. Through group intent and raising of conscious energy, we attract the focus of our group-mind and this can be used for the good of the whole planet and our lives.

“Sound Meditation”

“Sound has a profound effect on the senses. It can be both heard and felt. It can even be seen with the mind’s eye. It can almost be tasted and smelled. Sound can evoke responses of the five senses. Sound can paint a picture, produce a mood, trigger the senses to remember another time and place. -Louis Colaianni, The Joy of Phonetics and Accents









  • Deep relaxation
  • Still Mind
  • Resolution of worries
  • Evolution/transformation of karmic tangles
  • Sudden insights
  • Clearer heart-space
  • Smoother flow of feelings
  • Heightened senses for days
  • Keener intuition
  • Unexpected waves of gratitude
  • Life changes
  • Deeper relationship to all beings
  • Awakened awareness of energy
  • Abiding feeling of the vibrations in your body for hours



“Embodiment Meditations”

“Engagement is the conscious inhabitation of your body and mind. Practice is happening when your open awareness is moving with, in and through your embodied activity. Intrinsic to practice is your conscious participation with your life. Engagement is the conduction of your free and open awareness through your activities, whatever they may be.” 
― Rob McNamara, Strength to Awaken

The old paradigm would have us believe that we can push through anything and override the natural alarms that our body creates to let us know it needs healing attention.

To truly embody your full selfhood is to bring deep and clear awareness to the actual physical body and the vast consciousness that you are. Our entire body, various energy systems, brain, mind, organs, chakras, and everything in between are a bridge, a gateway between Heaven and Earth.

It’s a lifetime of practice to fully call in and “descend” your full ascended masterful self into your physical presence on this jewel planet…our playground!

“Grounding Tea Time”

“Arthur blinked at the screens and felt he was missing something important. Suddenly he realized what it was.
“Is there any tea on this spaceship?” he asked.” ― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Tea time!

The simple act of sitting down, sharing a cup of tea, and introducing yourself to another person is an ancient story. The “breaking of bread” with one another is a powerful connector and container for intimacy.

It grounds us, brings us into the moment, reminds us that we have a body and we need to take sweet care of it. Drinking a cup of tea can facilitate, at the right moment, a “bringing-back-to-reality” that is often needed after a ceremonial experience. Being fully grounded and pulling the ceremonial experience deep down into your neurology is the key to making lasting and sustainable transformations.

Plus, Mother Nature provides us with such amazing flavors of teas and wonderful people to share it with!